Board of Directors

Panayiotis Neufelt has a dual professional and academic background, which is both creative and technical. His career commenced in 1981, and since 1998 he has been focusing on cultural policy and economy, gradually forming his organisations. He is the Chairman of ICCIRA and the International Independent, which is an arts, cultural, creative industries and entertainment, research, policy, economy, development, and production Industrial Consortium Agency. The ICCIRA Trustee is also the Chairman of the Arts Council Greece, a production line influencer, additionally leading an International Conference entitled “International Cultural and Creative Economy and Development, Athens”, for the past 12 years.

Eva Leemet is the CEO of Creative Estonia, promoting creative entrepreneurship in all fields of creative economy in Estonia and worldwide. Eva is dedicated in creative businesses developments and international relations. As a qualified consultant in creative entrepreneurship, Eva has created and participated in several cultural and creative initiatives nationally and internationally. Eva is an ambassador of WORTH Partnership Project and member of International Advisory Council of Swiss Creative Hub. Eva completed her studies at the Estonian School of Diplomacy, EU project management program (PCM), she is a qualified consultant in creative entrepreneurship and holds an MBA in business administration.

Josh Nyapimbi is an arts, culture, heritage policy governance expert and creative industries production lines designer, majoring in politics, economics and development, cultural advocacy and lobbying. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Nhimbe Trust a leading global creative civil society watchdog organisation. He initiated and coordinated the Zimbabwe Creative Civil
Society’s Strategy in the Formulation of a Plan of Action for Arts and Culture (NPAAC), Co-founder Arterial Network, Co-founder African Cultural Policy Network and proud Member of the African Union Pan African Cultural Congres.

Silvana Navarro Hoyos is a researcher, tutor and advisor specialising on creative and cultural industries territorial developments. Programme developer focusing on small businesses and productive chains, through innovation, with the use of technology. Silvana’s specialisation is in creating and offering marketing and communication programs. Silvana has a PhD in Cultural Sociology and MBA in Strategic Marketing Management, Master of Latin American Studies with a degree in Industrial Design.

BM Expected

BM Expected

BM Expected

The new Members of the Board of Directors as announced on 30 April 2021.

Terms of appointment

A Member of the Board is appointed on the recommendation of the appointments committee.


International Independent Creative Industries Council is an International Independent Member.

Responsibilities of all individuals and legal entities, Members of the Interational Independent consortium is to:

Establish and ensure the mission statement of the International Independent is upheld.

Promote and advance for the societal benefit the arts, culture, creative industries and entertainment.

Encourage and support cultural actors, artists and creativity, as well as all known types of artistic, cultural, creative industries and entertainment organisations and initiatives worldwide.

Uphold the values of the International Independent and reflect the organisation in a constructive manner.