Theatre, Greece And Feydeau: Keep Calm And… This Is Just The Birth Of A Crisis

Georges Feydeau‘s, “The Pregnant Pause or Love’s Labor Lost“, it is staged in Athens, Greece.

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Photo Credits: Patroklos SKAFIDAS. Please do visit the photographer’s website here!

Under the Greek title:«Η Λεονί εν αναμονή ή το όμορφο κακό».


For the first time in Greece, the Georges Feydeau‘s sensational comedy The Pregnant Pause or Love’s Labor Lost (Original French title: Leonie est en avance ou le mal joli), directed by Athena Kefala, is presented at the 2nd Venue of the Kefallinia Theatre in Kypseli, Athens, Greece.


About the play:

Hector Ennepeque (Stelios PETRAKIS ), first time father to be, is in extended labor and protracted comic convulsions over his wife Leonie’s(Virginia TAMPAROPOULOU) imminent delivery. Before the baby’s arrival, this hilarious farce gives birth to multiple comic harangues all aimed a the helpless henpecked husband. When Hector tries to rebound from the recriminations of his aristocratic in-laws (Olga DAMANI and Manolis YIOURGOS), he is swatted aside by an Amazon midwife (Mania PAPADIMITRIOU) who takes charge of everything. A brilliant tableau of conjugal chaos by the master of the genre. (Samuel French)


Translation – Direction: Athena KEFALA
Copy-Editing: Anna DAMIANIDIS (Writer)
Costumes – Stage Design: Marianna ZACHARIADOU
Movement: Myrto DELIMICHALI
First Assistant Director: Anna MORAITOU
Second Assistant Director: Linda PEPE
Communications and Public Relations: Angela KAPSAMPELI – Elena GRIVA
Photography: Patroklos SKAFIDAS




The Countess: Olga DAMANI

Hector: Stelios PETRAKIS

Leonie: Virginia TAMPAROPOULOU

The Earl: Manolis YIOURGOS


The Maid: Anna MORAITOU


About the writer:

Georges Feydeau (1862 – 1921) was born in France to a well-known Parisian writer, of the era known as the Belle Époque.. He was influenced from a young age by prominent farcical authors such as Eugène Labiche and Henri Meilhac. His first significant international success, The Lady from Maxim’s (La Dame de chez Maxim, 1899) and the monumental A Flea in Her Ear (La Puce à l’oreille, 1907) have been translated, adapted and produced countless times. He married the rich daughter of painter Carolus-Duran, and died of melancholia after a lengthy, unhappy marriage. Mr. Feydeau is known for his immaculate theatrical structure and a preoccupation with geometry in comedy, a form of writing Richard Hayes calls the “mathematics of theater.”. His plays are seen today as precursors of Surrealist and Dada theatre, and the Theatre of the Absurd.


Venue information and how to get there:

Please follow the Theatro Kefallinias link here!

18 Kefallinias Street,
T: +302114117878     +302108838727

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